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What to pray when healing doesn’t happen

Today I found myself pondering the question, 'What do we pray for, when healing is not going to happen?' There are two things that have led me to this question: my terminally ill, atheist sister and my dog. Both of whom I love so much, neither of whom I want to be without. My dog… Continue reading What to pray when healing doesn’t happen

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Why a church weekend away?

Church is a family, right? One thing that families do a lot of is spend time together; chilling out, chatting, eating, going for walks, doing other fun stuff. Wouldn’t it be good if we could do all of that (and more) all together one weekend? Look no further than our upcoming Church Weekend Away! We… Continue reading Why a church weekend away?

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Weetabix and the Glory of God

I’m looking forward to Mother’s Day morning already this year. It means having my annual breakfast in bed, two still-sticky cards from my 5-year-old and 3-year-old, and (hurrah!) it’ll be daddy’s turn to play dodge-the-weetabix with my 7-month-old son. Yet Mothering Sunday has become a slightly awkward moment for many of our churches. Of course… Continue reading Weetabix and the Glory of God

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Revival: Building Kingdom Community

The concept of ‘community’ is something I have frequently contemplated, explored, and drawn upon in the context of my job in academia, where much of the work I have done involves community-based research. Many theorists and social scientists have debated the meaning of community – which can be defined and interpreted in various ways and… Continue reading Revival: Building Kingdom Community