Happy 20th Birthday, Jubilee!

When Esther first asked me to write this piece for the blog about Jubilee’s 20th birthday, as I have only been a part of Jubilee for the past 7 years and don’t have a background in Newfrontiers, I decided to do some research. Did you know, for example, that Newfrontiers is (according to Wikipedia at… Continue reading Happy 20th Birthday, Jubilee!

Community, Mental Health

Christianity and Mental Health: Part 1

Why is it that Christians have so much trouble understanding mental health? Perhaps it’s because it involves the mind. That’s an enigmatic concept in itself – the mind. What exactly is it? Is it a bio-chemical collection of nerves, synapses, chemicals and electrical impulses as the materialists would have us believe, or is it the… Continue reading Christianity and Mental Health: Part 1

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Reflecting on Storied: How Storytelling brings people together

Last month Coventry won the UK City of Culture bid for 2021. I remember proud posts flooding my Facebook feed reading #thisiscoventry, not forgetting the many excitable WhatsApp messages which followed. I was a little excited, however it was only 24 hours later that I found myself feeling this same, contagious, excitement and pride. It… Continue reading Reflecting on Storied: How Storytelling brings people together


Consumerism at Christmas

https://www.facebook.com/I.Wear.MyPoppy.With.Pride/videos/722902224460257/ My cousin Joanna shared this clip on facebook and as I watched my eyes brimmed with tears at the tender moment shared on the battlefield of World War One, Christmas 1914. The ethereal singing of the soldiers. The bravery of the individual. The simple togetherness of the game of football. It was touching and… Continue reading Consumerism at Christmas

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Evangelism is a Team Sport

Sometimes it can feel like I’m getting nowhere. Colleagues distance themselves from conversations about church, dustbins in the city centre have more Café Jubilee leaflets than people’s hands, and my University friends admit that they were previously too polite to tell me how boring my stories of Nehemiah were at the end of a night… Continue reading Evangelism is a Team Sport

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Why are we praying for revival?

Early last Summer, a few of us went to Westminster Chapel, London, to join a Newfrontiers day of prayer for the nation. Terry Virgo was there and spoke powerfully on why we need to continue to pray for revival. It impacted me a great deal, reminding me of my roots and that for many years I have prayed that God would move sovereignly and powerfully in his church as he has done in the past.