Where Was God at Motofest?

MotoFest was a big success, with many of us from Jubilee working incredibly hard to make it all happen. In his preach in May, James remarked that it might seem strange for a church to invest itself so heavily in what might appear to be a very secular, commercial event. However, we are called to reach out to people where they are at; using a language and a context they understand. MotoFest is our way of drawing on the history of Coventry – a history from which many in the city still draw their identity, to reach out in love to those people.

Last year’s event saw a good number of opportunities where volunteer stewards from Jubilee were able to talk about the church and God’s heart for the city whilst meeting the public at MotoFest and indeed many commented at how the friendly stewards really made the event. This year’s event was so much bigger, and the team was so stretched, that similar conversations weren’t really possible, perhaps leaving some of us to wonder, where was God in all the noise of screeching tyres?

However, I firmly believe that God was doing a work in the lives of hundreds of people that weekend. I believe His Kingdom advances wherever hope replaces hopelessness or joy replaces despair. I believe that MotoFest is there to bring God’s light into the spiritual darkness that currently permeates the city, which is binding people into thinking they have nothing to offer, that nobody cares. I saw this particularly with the people on Community Service who we asked to help make the event happen and also with the college for those with mental and learning disabilities who were also delighted to have been invited to help, but were unfortunately not able to do so this year. We saw and spoke to many people who were delighted with the event, who saw how good it was for the city. I believe that just as God can take a small act such as a kind word said to a colleague and bring about salvation, He can take the 100,000 smiles, the reawakening of a city’s self-worth and demonstration of love through the hard work and service of the church, and turn that into a multitude of transformed lives.

red shirts not very high quality pic but can get hold of the original if necessary

So a big thank you to all those that gave up your time to help at MotoFest; it would not have happened without your help. Please do share any stories you have about the people you talked to, either in your small groups or with the whole church. Even if you weren’t able to help on the weekend, do ask your colleagues and friends if they enjoyed it, did they know a church helped run it?

If anyone wants to chat to me about MotoFest and what it’s about, I’m more than happy to do so.

Stuart Glass