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Evangelism is a Team Sport

Sometimes it can feel like I’m getting nowhere. Colleagues distance themselves from conversations about church, dustbins in the city centre have more Café Jubilee leaflets than people’s hands, and my University friends admit that they were previously too polite to tell me how boring my stories of Nehemiah were at the end of a night out. Most of the time, when I try to evangelise on my own, I make a right pigs ear out of it.

The thing is, I don’t think God means us to be stepping out alone in the first place. When Jesus sent out 72 of his disciples to nearby villages in Luke 10, he sent them in pairs, and throughout Acts the Apostles don’t travel from city to city alone but in companionship.

We each have a blend of gifts given to us, and using them together instead of in isolation accomplishes much more. We need leaders, prophets, and servers to keep evangelists in check and we need patient introverts to complement boisterous extroverts. I find street evangelism so much more fruitful when I do it with my wife. Where I’m good at starting conversations and knowing what to say when, she will invite the people we meet along to events and stay in contact long after our initial conversation. And I would also encourage you to find other Christians in your workplace to team up with and join your quest for office revival. Starting a prayer group with my co-workers a year ago made a positive impact to the atmosphere and opened plenty of doors into non-Christians lives, who watched our energetic gatherings with curiosity.

Every member of the worldwide church is called to evangelize. Jesus challenged all his disciples to spread the Gospel, not just the extroverted ones. So I’d challenge you to gather with your colleagues, small groups or friends and practice. Find out your gifts and how you can support each other as a team.

Café Jubilee, the social club we run for Coventry Internationals, only works because we have a vibrant team of servers who all exhibit different gifts. We are made up of all kinds of people who excel in completely different areas but who are all evangelizing together. For us, evangelism is more about making personal relationships that naturally sing of the Gospel to our friends, than about speaking to strangers on the street. In the past we’ve had open mic nights, games, fireworks and plenty of delicious food related evenings. Our agenda is always to make friends with people who come along, who we can then bring along to small group or Alpha course.

So how would you like to evangelize with us using the gifts that God has given you? We need leaders, organisers, hosts, diligent servers, creative thinkers, strategists, prophets and healers, just as much as evangelists. And together, and full of the spirit of God, we’ll advance the Kingdom of God much further than on our own.

For more information about Cafe Jubilee events, visit their facebook page:

Matthew Aumonier


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