Biblical Living

Heaven is important, but it’s not the end of the world…

Have you seen the video of a British diver filming himself swimming through a sea of plastic rubbish off the coast of Bali? This tragic clip showed how man-made waste is contaminating the homes of some of the most beautiful creatures – even the mighty manta ray. Plastic pollution has been getting a lot of publicity recently, yet in reality it is just one of many looming environmental crises along with global warming, climate change, deforestation, ocean acidification… The list goes on.

Here in the UK we live in an incredibly carbon-draining society with inefficient housing and transport, consumerist products designed to perish after a few years, supermarket food grown on the other side of the world (a third of it to be thrown away) and over 8000 flights leaving or entering the country every day. According to the global footprint network, if everyone in the world used up the same amount of energy as the average UK citizen did, we would need 4.5 planet earths to sustain them!

You’re probably aware of some of these issues, and perhaps you try to ‘do your bit’ by reusing shopping bags. You may even feel a vague sense of unease when reading the above paragraphs, that this isn’t the way we were meant to treat creation. But is God really bothered about the environment? How did we end up in this mess, and is there any hope for change? Won’t it all be destroyed in the apocalypse anyway? If we’re just ‘going to heaven’ then who cares about the world going to pot? What does the Bible actually say about the environment?

On Wednesday 16th May, we will be meeting at Eaton House to discuss these questions – with maybe some surprising answers for you. The evening should be very participatory, and I hope you will bring your contributions and questions (especially if you’re a bit sceptical!) ranging from theological debates to everyday practicalities. This Biblical living session is not about guilt-tripping but will instead inspire you with a larger perspective of God’s exciting plan to rescue and redeem the whole world – and empower you to get involved!

Seb Rumsby

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