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Global Bites: The Year So Far

Hello! We’re over half way through our Global Bites year (11/20 events) and thought it’s time for an update:

We feel encouraged! We’ve had a steady number of guests coming along each week, including non-Jubilee goers and many from other nations. Many people are returning regularly – developing a strong sense of community. Thank you to those from Jubilee who have come along too!

Before the launch of Global Bites, God placed several visions on our hearts: to be more diverse in our representation of people from many nations, to be prayerful in our leadership, to be prophetic in evangelism, and for Global Bites to be a place where revival happens in Coventry.

The Nations

So far, we’ve had the privilege of hosting a huge number of different people from all around the world! We’ve met people from Britain, China, Japan, Brazil, Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Taiwan, India, Germany, Poland, Mexico, France, Romania, Sri Lanka, Norway, Ethiopia, Venezuela, Turkey, Pakistan, Portugal, Malaysia, Russia and Burundi! We just need someone from Australia and Antarctica and that’s every continent ticked off! It’s a delight to look around the room at each event and to see people from many nations engaging in honest fellowship with one another. God has been fulfilling our first vision in an encouraging way.


The Global Bites team begins with dedicated prayer and worship prior to set up, to come before the Lord and to ask Him for his presence to be known amongst us. This has helped us to focus on glorifying God through Global Bites as a priority (before tidiness, good food or smooth operations)!

During the church-wide week of prayer, Global Bites ran concurrently with a prayer meeting upstairs, and we could feel the difference. The prayers upstairs were physically powering the activity downstairs (in that sense, Powerhouse is a fitting name for prayer meetings). Since then, a prayer group specifically dedicated to Global Bites has been set up to occur on Friday evenings simultaneously (see below).


Of all our visions for the year, this one could do with some support and guidance. We want to see healings, words of insight, and spiritual breakthroughs over lifelong strongholds. We want our evangelism to have a prophetic substance to it, intertwined, as described in Sam’s excellent blog post last year. Why have we not seen much of this yet? Perhaps we need to be filled with more of the Holy Spirit each night? Or maybe we need more boldness or faith from God?


We are laying the foundations for Global Bites to be a place where revival kicks off in Coventry! This year, we are really hoping to build and strengthen relationships with those in the city who are supporting and helping refugees and migrants. We are excited to be collaborating with the inspirational Coventry-based artisan bakery PROOF for a special occasion at Global Bites ‘bakery’ evening (Friday 29 March). PROOF aims to serve the community with delicious breads and envisions to create fulfilling jobs for refugees through training and employment. We also hope to get more involved with the Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre and others in the near future.

Global Bites ‘Greek’ evening is on Friday 15th March. Here are three ways you can get involved:

  1. Come with your pitta and feta! And enjoy the company (and serving opportunities),
  2. Message Rachel T to pray simultaneously for Global Bites,
  3. (If you have a strong prophetic gifting) come and help us to pursue signs and wonders.

Jesus called all of us to go and make disciples from every nation (Matthew 28:19). In a multicultural place like Coventry, we don’t even need to leave our city to reach the nations…

Matthew & Samantha Aumonier

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