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18-30s Socials: The story so far…

Been hearing about the 18-30s socials in church and want to know what they’re about? Well, I hope this helps you out. It’s a great set of events where we have time to get to know others at Jubilee a bit more and build on those relationships. It’s a relaxed and chill environment where you can just hang out and chat. Oh, and there’s always great food too! To kick things off we have a whole new set of socials planned for the coming year, usually about once a month.

Open to everyone aged 18-39, there’ll be a variety of people in different stages of life, from students to young families. It’s a good mix of people and a place to see some people you might not usually get the chance to talk to.

To give you an idea of what they’re like, here is my attempt at recalling the previous two socials:

18 to 30s 2
Fire Pit Social

The first was a fire pit social in the middle of August. As most people were on holiday or back home for the summer there was about seven of us there, including Dan & Esther, who lead the 18-30s team. We had a relaxing fire pit night. Dan had a pallet of wood that he and I sawed down. Getting the fire lit was another matter as the wind was pretty strong that day and there was no chance a match was gonna light. However, teamwork prevailed: after we moved the pit to another part of the garden and with a suggestion from Josh Simpkins to use some cotton wool, the fire was up and roaring in no time.

There was loads of food: pizza, chicken and chips and some huge marshmallows were roasted that night. Putting them in digestive biscuits to make ‘smores was just a little too much sugar for me that day, but the others went for it. The conversations subjects were varied and entertaining. As the night drew in and the embers glowed we went inside and finished off with a couple of games of Monopoly Deal which Josh won both times. (Seriously, we need to team up against him next time).

The most recent social was a pizza and games night. This time there were more people around, back from their summer holidays; about fifteen people came along in total. It started at 6 pm and everyone seemed to have great timing as a lot of us turned up at the same moment. When I arrived, the pizzas and garlic bread were already cooking. We got through eleven pizzas that evening. Although if you stayed in the kitchen you could have gotten first dibs on the food that was going out. 😉

As we were eating, the group started a game of Articulate. Our team was in last place, and a certain gold team *cough cough* pushed us back even further. The battle was on. But not long after, the girls in the red team won and we switched games to Mafia.

Oh, Mafia. It’s nice as long as you don’t get killed off first. Anyway, with fifteen of us, or so, it took some time. Dessert was brought out and we finished off with a youth game: Pick up the cereal box. For the uninitiated (it was my first time too), we had to pick up a cereal box with our mouth, with only our feet touching the floor. As layers of the box were cut off, the winners managed to get all the way down to the flat piece of card at the bottom of the box. That’s where the night ended.

18 to 30s 3
Malvern Hills walk

Both of these socials were at Dan & Esther’s House, which is the usual venue, generally on a Saturday or Sunday. However, taking a quick look at the upcoming events, we are expanding to different locations, including a walk at Coombe Abbey coming up early next year. Which reminds me of the trip we had to the Malvern Hills back in May.

The idea behind the 18-30s Socials is to help build relationships between this age group of people in the church. I’d say it’s going pretty well so far! We’ve been praying about incorporating an element of growing in God together and what that’s going to look like; we don’t really know just yet. But I’m excited to see what God’s going to do.

The dates and details for the socials are usually communicated out on Sunday mornings, through our weekly email newsletter, Jubilee News, and on the 18 to 30s at Jubilee Facebook page. The upcoming ones are:

Sun 6th Oct – Sunday Lunch Social & Quiz @ Henry Fry

Sat 2nd Nov – Bonfire Night! Location TBC

Sun 1st Dec – Christmas Lunch Social with festivities @ Henry Fry

Sat 18th Jan – Winter Walk @ Coombe Abbey, followed by food

You can always ask someone on Sundays, or join our Jubilee 18-30s Facebook Group for more detailed information, such as times, venues and arranging lifts.

We’re really excited to welcome the new students arriving this year and anyone who wants to join us for the 18-30s Socials.

Josh Dean

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