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Wonder 2020 – Warwick CU’s Events Week

We have had so much to thank God for during and beyond this year’s events week! From providing a marquee at short notice, to bringing the least likely of friends along to the events, to being faithful in follow-up, He has provided far beyond our expectations. Praise God for His faithfulness!

Starting each morning with an 8am prayer meeting, we were able to gather together and give the day to God, trusting Him and His plans above our own. Each day, a variety of people would go out and flyer all corners of campus, as well as doing some first-contact evangelism, often involving a thought-provoking question or images, which sparked great conversations and effective ways of inviting people along to the events! All the while, there would be a team of people back at the marquee preparing the sandwiches for the lunchtime talks, and another team at St John’s, Westwood, preparing a delicious meal for the evening meals with a message. Thank God for the servant hearts that fill the CU and that people would continue to serve well throughout the coming year.


The lunchtime events mostly consisted of topic-specific talks relating to various apologetics (e.g. science, suffering, justice, etc.), as well as Q&As, offering the opportunity for fruitful conversations to be had off the back of the talk that had just been given. It was great to see such a variety of people engaged in conversations about Jesus – from athletes, to post-graduates and staff, to people of different faiths, to social justice advocates. God is seeking the hearts of people from all backgrounds. Please pray that these talks helped provide people with a greater understanding of who Jesus is and why He is relevant to us all, but that the talks’ impact would go beyond a merely intellectual argument and that people would seek a true relationship with Christ.

The ‘meal with a message’ events attracted plenty of people, as you can imagine, and tackled questions and misconceptions people may have about religion, Christianity and God. These events were particularly well-attended by international students, as some of them heard the Gospel message proclaimed for the first time or got their misconceptions about Christianity straightened out and explained. Please pray that God would continue to work in their hearts and place people in their lives to help lead them closer to Jesus.


The evening talks (a personal highlight of mine) by a London church-leader, Jonty Allcock, went through the Gospel of Mark, explaining the various themes raised throughout, and offering great opportunities for conversations to go on into the night about how this Gospel is truly for everyone and is worth investigating further. On the Thursday night, I sat by a friend of mine’s lab partner, B, and we ended up having a lengthy conversation covering his reservations about faith, how can anyone expect to “know truth”, a variety of philosophical questions, ending with him agreeing with me that if this Christianity stuff is true, then it would be life-altering and is at the very least, worth looking further into. Please pray for B, that God would be stirring his heart to seek Him and be giving him more opportunities to encounter the Gospel and have more conversations like this.

In addition to the prayer points highlighted above, here are a few more highlights and things to pray for off the back of Wonder 2020:

  • For A, who gave her life to Christ during the week after spending months meeting up with our staff worker, Esther, to read the Bible.
  • For our many many CUGs (Christian Union Guests) who were such a blessing to us in helping us in any way they could throughout the week.
  • For ‘The Search’ events which have been our weekly follow-up sessions – though no one came for the first 2 weeks, 4 people have come along to the last 2 sessions, being a great encouragement for us!
  • For all of the discussions and follow-up sessions happening between friends, course-mates and flatmates throughout the last few weeks and the weeks to come.

I’d also like to take this opportunity, on behalf of Warwick CU, to thank Jubilee Church for supporting this event and our mission through your generous financial giving and general support as a family of believers seeking to share this Good News with others. We are very grateful.

If you’d like to see a bit more of what we got up to, check out this highlights video (as well as some of the talks on our YouTube channel).


Natalya Kotrzuba

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