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Why are we praying for revival?

Early last Summer, a few of us went to Westminster Chapel, London, to join a Newfrontiers day of prayer for the nation. Terry Virgo was there and spoke powerfully on why we need to continue to pray for revival. It impacted me a great deal, reminding me of my roots and that for many years I have prayed that God would move sovereignly and powerfully in his church as he has done in the past. Partially as a result of this day we have dedicated this term’s Powerhouse meetings to praying for revival, as well as some of our week of prayer on 5th – 12th November.

There is a link to Terry’s article below. It explains the backdrop to our current sense that God is calling us to renew our prayers for revival. In it Terry says:

 “We have seen much happening but the reality faces us, we still desperately need the kind of classic revival that will confront our secular nation with the glorious gospel of the crucified, risen and enthroned Christ. Could the Church be in a much stronger position to receive revival than in years past? I think so.”


“ [Since the 1960’s] hundreds of new churches have either come into being or have come alive with fresh life in the Spirit…. Also a far greater degree of unity and friendship has come, largely replacing hostility, distrust and suspicion which formerly seemed to characterise inter-church relationships.”

Since the summer I met and prayed with other church leaders in the city to seek God to move in this way. Consequently our city praise and prayer meeting on Sunday 12th November will be devoted to praying for a fresh move of God amongst the churches in the city.

City praise and prayer is a very deliberate expression of very high quality inter-church relationships that have been developing in the city over the past few years. Over 60 Coventry churches are often represented there. I believe that we are now much closer to being able to call out together for God to move and not worry about our historic differences but focus instead on our absolute need for Him, so that the city and our nation would be changed and Jesus would be glorified. 

If you want to read more read Terry’s article:

If you want to watch a quick encouragement to join us on 12th November, see the link to this vimeo short:

Andrew Simpkins  

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