Serving the Servers: Amanda’s experience serving at Catalyst Festival

Catalyst Festival is so much more than camping in a big field and meeting thousands of Christians to worship and receive amazing teaching, it’s a time to receive real blessing  and renewal from the Holy Spirit. It’s also an opportunity to serve and help others enjoy their festival experience.

I love serving, and when the Catalyst festival started I couldn’t decide where to serve as there were so many brilliant things to do…kids work, welcoming, stewarding…but I ended up serving the servers. I did this by hosting the Servers’ Lounge. My role is to create a relaxing place where servers come to eat and grab coffee, alongside being a welcoming face for them when they are working so hard to make Catalyst happen.

It’s an early start to get coffee and tea ready but I love the fact we live so near – yes, I do sleep in my own bed! I love meeting all the people serving across the whole of Catalyst and have made friends with many of them over the years. I even went on holiday and bumped into a girl I recognised. After a few days, I realised it was because we’d met at Catalyst.

It’s great to be behind the scenes and bless those who often just need five minutes to chill. I love making hot chocolate for the kids and recommending what’s on the menu, though I don’t actually have to cook. Catalyst is a brilliant time to get together with Jubilee but also get to know people from all over the network, and I hope you all enjoy the festival this year!

Amanda Cole

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